My Wedding

My Magical Day

On the 12th of September 2013 I married the love of my life in the Santa Maria in the Old Town Ibiza.

My four beautiful bridesmaids Louise, Selina, Debbie and Paula wore dresses I had purchased from a shop I found in Fashion City in Ballymount industrial estate called Super Fashion. With 4 stunning girls all similar heights, sizes and ages I wanted young, glam and fun. I always said I wanted them to wear white (embarrassingly enough to copy Kim Kardashian!!) so the pink sequin over the white chiffon gave me a nice balance to compliment my white dress. My dress I had spotted on it was by a designer called Enzoani, but no one seemed to stock it. I went to every shop in Dublin city. One day on I saw that Frilly Frocks stocked Enzoani dresses after weeks of searching other stores so I rang and spoke to the most helpful sales person or owner as I later found out. She informed me she had an Enzoani trunk show weekend on so she had every dress in stock for one weekend only.
I drove up to Drogheda that afternoon with my mum and two sons in tow (that’s how accommodating Dara is) and found my dress, Veil and earrings!!
I cannot recommend this lady enough – “she was so professional and to be honest, I nearly bought the dress just to have the pleasure to deal with her!!!..”

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