The Best Road Trip Around Ireland

Gap of Dunloe

As a busy freelance makeup artist, I am so lucky to have the
opportunity to visit the far corners of Ireland on a weekly bases,
whether it be for fashions shows, editorial or most commonly weddings.
From one day to the next, I can be setting off the road to Donegal at
5am, or heading back to Dublin from Co. Mayo at 7pm in the evening.

Being out on the road all the time mostly on your own can get a little
lonely at times, however when you’re on a beautiful stretch of road at
7am in the morning, driving through the west coast of Ireland and the
sun is rising, there is something so peaceful and calming about it,
not to mention some of my best business ideas have sprung to mind on
these journeys.

The most beautiful scenic drive that stands out in my mind, has got to
be the drive from Dublin to Co. Kerry. I did this drive only recently
enough for one of my brides getting married, and I just loved every
minute of the drive. Although it can take me 4 hours, the beautiful
views and places to stop and see make it so worth it.

The ring of Kerry is most definitely the real prize winner for me. To
fully appreciate it; for it to stay with you, you need to take ‘The
Ring’ at a more leisurely pace, which I don’t always have the luxury
to do when I have specific wedding times etc. But when you can
designate a day to do this drive at a slower pace, it is a must.

The most beautiful places that I’ve stopped off at on the route and
have to be seen to be properly appreciated are;
The Gap of Dunloe
Derrynane House
Staigue Fort
Ladies View
Torc Waterfall

The fabulous seascapes around every corner on the coast really make
you experience and see first hand, just how beautiful Ireland really
Being born and raised in Dublin close to the city and the hustle &
bustle and spending most of my time on the go, as soon as I sit into
my car and begin that journey to Kerry, It just takes me away from the
face paced world and relaxes me so much.

When I take this route, I always make sure to stop off for food at The
Boathouse Bistro for their delicious seafood pie or salmon as you
can’t beat the fresh fish straight from the Atlantic.

Overall, the most scenic road trip for me after driving all around
Ireland, is and will probably always be the drive from Dublin to

When preparing for your road trip, just make sure you’re driving safely with Chill Insurance.
Love #MRS

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