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My Ireland AM Debut

Who saw myself and the stunning Rosanna Davison on Ireland AM this morning ?

Some early morning selfies…as you do!


What an Uber fun morning it was despite the butterflies beforehand!

Coming up to the show I was super excited but I knew I had a lot of preparation in front of me- Not only did I need to get onto various companies to showcase some of my favourite products and new trend based items I also needed to scrub up on my sound bites. Sound bites are what MAC would use when I worked there to describe something in a nice term that’s easy to understand. For instance today on Ireland AM when I was describing the Glacial Glyco protein that are in the Kiehls moisturiser which gives the 24 hour hydration and moisture to the skin – a sound bite there would be “Moisture Benefits to ensure 24 hour lasting power”

I was delighted when Rosanna said she would come to do the show with me bright and early this morning on Ireland AM – I appreciate that she has such a busy schedule herself promoting her book “Eat yourself Beautiful” and various other things.  It was great to debut on the show on such a high note with Rosanna!

We were full of chat this morning on the show chatting during the 6 minute slot with Sinead Desmond who I have to say is fantastic at making you feel so comfortable on camera, I really did feel so relaxed surprisingly enough!!  We chatted so much that I fell slightly behind on time and TYPICALLY the most important thing…My signature EYELINER…was left over on my display table which was a little bit of a boo boo but not the end of the world because we got to say so much in such a short time frame.

So realistically this morning was almost an introduction for me onto the segment with Ireland AM and hopefully going forward I will get the chance to do something a little bit more regularly which is SO EXCITING…especially before Christmas! I will be able to show people lots of Christmas goodies and help all you lovely ladies get those all important lists ready !!

I worked tirelessly with the producer of the show over the weekend and spent time getting in touch with some amazing companies who were willing to help and support me. Here is a list of the products that I compiled and would use regularly on Rosanna and a lot of my brides too:

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream


I prepped Rosanna skin this morning before the show by applying a pea size amount of the cream ensuring to rub it into my fingers to heat it up and stimulate the skin.

TOP TIP: Has Glacial glycoprotein’s in this product to give 24hour hydration. It is “torture tested” in extreme conditions to ensure it hydrates even the most parched skin. This product has big Celebrity fans such as Cameron Diaz, Olivia Palermo, Alanis Morissette and Kim Kardashian.

R.R.P 125ml €54
R.R.P 50ml €28.50




I then buffed the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation no. 3 (RRP €38.00 ) on Rosanna’s skin with the Penney’s P.S Double Ended Stipple Brush (RRP €2.50) . I then matified it with the Armani all day luminous powders.

Tip: Little and often with this foundation, circular movements with the foundation brush so you are not left with any harsh or obvious lines.


christmas palette

I used the Inglot Limited Edition Christmas eyeshadow palette ( RRP:€75) for Rosanna’s eyes which is a beautiful palette with lots of lovely pigments to explore. It would make a fab Christmas present. To elongate the eye I applied the Inglot: No.77 Black Gel eyeliner ( RRP: €15 )
using the Inglot 31T brush to apply the liner well most of it anyway !!! ( RRP:€14)



Contour & Highlighter:

I then contoured with some  MAC medium deep skin finish powder followed by The Balm “Hot mama” Blusher RRP: €17.50 and The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter (RRP: € 20). I applied these with the double ended Powder and Blusher brush by Penny’s RRP €2.50 –

Tip: this is starting to trend into a cult product. Can be worn on cupid’s bow (upper lip) bridge of nose, brow bone, inner corner of the eyes and the higher part of cheek bones.




For Rosanna’s voluptuous lips we went for Nice n Spicy Lip liner with the Balm lipstick Mai Billsbepaid and went over it with the YSL no.30 Gloss Volupte lipgloss ( RRP: €25)

This particular lip gloss was introduced to me by Rosanna around the time of her wedding and I ended up completely falling in LOVE with it. It has a lovely well balanced pinky / peach colour with golden fleck so it catches the light beautifully.

GAB LSC packshot

To set the whole look I used the Armani Luminous Silk Powder ( R.R.P €45 )  using the Penney’s Kabuki Brush to lightly dust powder all over the face. €2.50

These Penney’s brushes are pretty amazing for such a good value and would be ideal stocking fillers!



Some people have asked me about my outfit today…..

The outfit I went for today was still keeping in with my trendy old school MAC days where I had a bit of black  ! Rosanna asked me to go with her a couple of weeks ago to the Balmain for H&M launch – It was literally like supermarket sweep everybody grabbed anything they could get their hands on  – I was lucky enough to get that gorgeous Mustardy top its super Balmain with the gold studs and thick rope, I paired it with my leather jacket which is from LuLu Boutique which is out in Lucan.

And FINALLY….Thank you so much to everyone for all of the lovely messages of support and love today I had a super morning in Ireland AM and look forward to my next segment!




Lv MRS <3

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