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Hi to all!

MRS Makeup and I studied beauty in the same college at the same time, yet we did not know each other! Which is crazy because beauty is such a small world! But while Michelle was building her unbelievable success story I was off ‘nerding it up’ on all things skin – and now 12 years later, our paths crossed!

Michelle has asked me to write regularly on all things skin related – skin is my life and so I’m happy to share – for all those that care !

I’m brand ambassador for IMAGE Skincare, and for this post I’d love to introduce this cult brand to you all – no doubt most of you have heard of it at this stage, thanks to the amazing results its fans have achieved with the products!

But if you haven’t heard of IMAGE, buckle up…

Why IMAGE Skincare?

I’d ask – Why not! Teasing!

Created by a Plastic Surgeon and Facialist power couple, adored by beauty editors, bloggers, dermatologists, facialists and nurses alike, IMAGE has a product to suit everyone!

IMAGE Skincare is a results-driven cosmeceutical range whose renowned philosophy is to “age later”. And that is precisely what the products do – help slow down the rate at which we age, therefore, ageing later!


What does “cosmeceutical” actually mean?

It’s a word used to describe cosmetic products that are more active than those available in pharmacies etc; they need to be recommended by a qualified therapist/nurse/doctor.

In short, cosmeceutical products penetrate into the living active ANTI-AGEING layer of the skin and create unbelievable changes! And those changes are much addictive!


Who is IMAGE for?

I get so many mails asking me this question!

So I ask … Do you suffer with pigmentation? Acne? Scarring? Congestion? Wrinkles? Cellulite? Bumpy “chicken arms”?!

Then IMAGE can help! There is virtually a product for everyone!

We ain’t ageist, we ain’t sexist – there is a product for all!


So why did I choose to work with the brand?

Simple : it’s innovative, evolving, the benefit of the active ingredients are undeniable, clinical yet affordable… simply, it works!

My favourite concept has to be the fact that it works in both the short term and the long term and creates a healthy skin. If the skin is healthy it will appear as flawless as is physically possible.

Hopefully that offers a sneak peak into the skin brand.

I’ll be back next week with more skin tips and tricks!

If you have any suggestions for articles please place below and I will take all on board.

The Skin Nerd

Jennifer Rock

Image Skin Care


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