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My Semi Permanent Lashes

As a make up artist specialising in Bridal make up I am constantly asked my opinion on individual semi permanent lashes.

Every 3-4 weeks I go to have mine refilled with Fiona McGowan of Eye Love Lashes based in Blanchardstown Village. (Find more info here! )
I’ve never not loved a set she has done for me: They are light, with a soft curl and graduate perfectly from the inner corner of my eye to the outer corner. The were a massive help getting up at 5am to do my make up ahead of my Ireland AM make up segments. I find if they are to heavy they can make my eye look very closed and small. I like to drop my boys to school and not look like I’ve come from a night out😂, I find they make me look fresh, bright eyed and pretty.
(Fiona is also a HD Brow specialist and maintains my brows for me also)

I would recommend them to any bride for her special day especially if you plan to head on honeymoon soon after. If you have 6months to a year before your wedding be sure to have a trial period with them you may not like them.

A big concern my clients ask is “Do they damage my lashes??”
A certain amount of lashes are lost from the added weight of the false lash and your own lashes shed naturally so if you choose to remove them you will find them needing a little time to rebuild to their natural state. It can be compared to a false nail application and they need some T.L.C after being removed.

The lady responsible for my lashes for my own wedding in 2013 was Edyta Eyelashes ( More info here ) another excellent professional lash extensionist. Like Fiona she is hard to get but when you get her she’s worth it, you are guaranteed to be walking back into Edyta for your refills with loads of lashes still on. She takes a lot of time prepping the lashes before she starts. She also offers a range of different lash volumes and techniques to suit all ages and lash types.

Here are some recent photos of my Lashes <3


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