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Microneedling – All you need to know!!


Is it all blood and guts? It’s the gym workout for the skin world! The Skin gym!

Dermaroller, microneedling, needling …various names for a professional treatment, that aims to give a much wanted; Youthful, plumped, less sagging, less pigmentation, reduction of scarring , less open pores in the skin! Intrigued?! Read on… IT STIMULATES COLLAGEN LIKE NO OTHER!

I have chosen to write on this topic as many people think they have had this treatment when in fact- they have not!

The first point worth noting is that this treatment is well established and has been conducted for over 30 years – it is NOT a new concept, it is clinically proven , tested and trialled, and is now widely available nationwide! Its great results are undeniable if performed by a trained and experienced practitioner.

However, it is NOT enjoyable or a treat, and certainly wouldn’t make for a spa day or a fun girlie day out. Rather, it is for the serious, dedicated folk who are hungry for true results at a cellular levels. ME!!!!

This is an ideal treatment for all brides, grooms mothers of the brides or indeed anyone that wants ridiculously stunning skin! The results do take time to come through so the old saying’patience is a virtue’ is relevant here . It may take up to three- five months for the long-lasting results to come through , although many report measurable differences within two weeks. The best news has to be the fact that the results last for years-! Yes YEARS!

All of that said, It is not a treatment for everyone. Downtime, post-treatment is a reality, not a possibility and there are limitations and medical reasons that may make this treatment unsuitable for you. A consultation is the only way to assess your suitability.

After your treatment, think no heat, so sweat, no hard work and no irritation. The skin is not compromised ( unlike some treatments ) although ironically the skin appears sunburnt for a day or two. It is paramount that the skin is protected and fed with sheer goodness post treatment to ensure the collagen stimulation process is induced to the MAX!

This is not a treatment you wish to have performed haphazardly,-because yes, that is blood you see in the picture. To bleed or not to bleed is the controversial question. Firstly it is not essential that someone bleeds everywhere – a nice pink hue can be sufficient. However , my opinion from all my studies over the years is that blood guarantees a controlled injury and micro-trauma has occurred in the skin…which guarantees increased collagen and elastin production.




Many people ask me treatment protocol so let me give you an insight:

  1. Ideally, prepare the skin beforehand with essential skin ingredients such as- Vitamin, A, fish oils, hyaluronic acid etc to insure the skin is prepped, armed and healthy to guarantee the optimum results you may crave. It’s comparable to running a marathon with ZERO training. OUCH!
  2. There is a specific consultation and patch test that should ideally take place 48 hours before had to deem you a fit candidate for this addictive treatment.
  3. The skin will be prepped, numbed with topical anaesthetic and left to sit for 30-40minutes
  4. The implement ( needle -!) is introduced to the skin and rolled for 20minutes.
  5. A mask is applied to cool, calm and prevent irritation post treatment
  6. Aftercare is as important as the needling phase. No cuddling pets, no heat, sweat or perfumed products for 24 hours at least. Think WOUND ,think RESULTS, think be careful and RESPECT the skin while it is healing.


“One week on after my first session I was getting more compliments than I can recall ever having about my skin. I have two more sessions booked and a handful of friends that want to try it too”

Rachel Roche, Dublin

I would literally die happy microneedling someone! The results are life changing, phenomenal , selfishly rewarding and addictive. Take pictures before and after to monitor your results!

Hope this helped – you may all be addicted yet!

For more information you can find Jennifer here : Jennifer Rock – The Skin Nerd


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